To Weed? or Not to Weed?

by Grace Bryce

The spring weather has been so pleasant.  Everything is green and the air is cool, it is hard to be indoors and not outdoors.  I love all of the new plants that come up and the new buds that pop out, as well as the old friends that return each year.

Weeds You Want

This time of year there are several lovely little plants that show up, that some people refer to as “weeds”.  Many of these “weeds” can be very useful food and medicine.  See my blog article “Medicine in Your Yard, Medicinal Winter Weeds” for more information.  Many of these plants are quite tasty & nutritious and can be added to salads and smoothies or cooked.  You can explore more about foraging for wild edibles in Mark Vorderbruggan’s book, Idiot Guides: Foraging.  Also, Charles Kane has a great pocket guide.

The photo on the right is Lamb’s Quarters or Chenopodium album.  I enjoy grazing on it while gardening.  It reminds me of spinach.

IMG_2628 2

This is an early bud of Echinacea purpurea, a wonderful medicinal herb. Definitely a keeper.

IMG_2642 2

This is Lamb’s Quarters or Chenopodium album.  I enjoy grazing on it while gardening and it reminds me of spinach.









Weeds You Don’t Want

After you have eaten your weeds and used them for medicine, there may still be some that you don’t want in your yard.  For instance, Beggar’s Lice can be edible, but the seeds are very pesky, if it is left to go to seed.  I personally do not want it in my yard.  (Please be cautious, before ingesting any of your weeds, make sure of positive identification, so you don’t poison yourself.)  The best way to remove these plants from your yard, is to pull them up or dig them up.  If you don’t


This is Torilis arvensis, also known as Beggar’s Lice or false carrot.  It produces lots of seeds that stick to everything, like velcro.

remove them by the roots, they will grow back.  If you only cut them off above ground, you are actually stimulating root growth and creating a stronger root system.  This certainly doesn’t eliminate them from your yard.  I do not use any chemical herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers where I live.  I do not believe it is healthy for me, my plants or my animals.  I also do not want to contaminate my water supply.  Sometimes, I will use a strong 20% vinegar to eliminate some plants, and protective gloves are recommended!    I have a great tool, called a Hori Hori, that is great for the job.  Be sure to wear gloves, to help prevent nail infections from the soil.  Nail fungus is difficult to clean up.  Pulling weeds is also good therapy and can really clear your head, so there is a bright side!

Whether you use your weeds for food, medicine or therapy, go out an appreciate them today and enjoy!



About Gracies Garden, LLC

Grace Bryce is a Clinical Herbalist and certified Transformational Breath® Facilitator. She is also a Jin Shin Jyutsu® practitioner, QRA Practitioner and Ordained Minister. Grace has been doing natural health consultations since 2008 and enjoys working with people. She formulates custom herbal products as requested and has a line of herbal products for sale. A number of services are offered to benefit the health of her clients through harmonizing energy. All products and services are available as a part of the sacred healing she practices. Grace is an avid gardener and has a passion for herbs. She loves organically growing herbs and formulating salves, lotions and tinctures. Helping people feel better is also something she is passionate about.
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