Cool Off, It is Hot Outside!

by Grace Bryce

Yes, it is Texas and it is hot.  There are a few things  you can do to cool off. I have some recipes and tips to share.

Here are some refreshing recipes I make to help hydrate and refresh during our hot Texas summer months.
Cucumber water–  slice a cucumber into a pitcher of filtered water and refrigerate or serve over ice.  It is a very refreshing way to hydrate.  Cucumbers are not only cooling to the body, in that they reduce inflammation, but they are full of antioxidants and B vitamins & minerals, which help the body deal with stress.  Now you can be as cool as a cucumber.

Hibiscus Mint Limeade–  I was first introduced to this drink at a Native American feast day in New Mexico.  Make your limeade from fresh squeezed organic limes (about 1 cup), dried cane juice (3/4 C) per pitcher of filtered water.  Add hibiscus tea (1-2 C strong tea) to the limeade and bruised spearmint leaves.  Float slices of limIMG_2902e and mint sprigs in the pitcher.  Refrigerate or serve over ice.  Adjust to taste.   Hibiscus helps maintain normal body temperature.  It has also been used to maintain healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels.  Limes are cooling, have an alkalizing affect on the body and help with digestion, as does the spearmint.

A third drink, available at your grocery store is Coconut water.  It is a better and more natural electrolyte replacement that some of the other commercial replacements on the market.  Be careful to check the sugar content.  Read labels for sugar content.  There will be some, but it shouldn’t be excessive.


Keep your head cool, to keep your body cooler.  The body uses circulation of the blood, muscles and sweat to help regulate body temperature.  Water can help inside and out, so cool off with a dip in the pool or apply a fine mist of water to the skin.  Some outdoor places install misters to help their customers cool off.  The moisture will help carry the heat away.

The best way to escape the Texas summer heat, is to go to the mountains.  That’s where I’m headed.

Until next time…..Be Cool …..Be Well…..

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About Gracies Garden, LLC

Grace Bryce is a Clinical Herbalist and certified Transformational Breath® Facilitator. She is also a Jin Shin Jyutsu® practitioner, QRA Practitioner and Ordained Minister. Grace has been doing natural health consultations since 2008 and enjoys working with people. She formulates custom herbal products as requested and has a line of herbal products for sale. A number of services are offered to benefit the health of her clients through harmonizing energy. All products and services are available as a part of the sacred healing she practices. Grace is an avid gardener and has a passion for herbs. She loves organically growing herbs and formulating salves, lotions and tinctures. Helping people feel better is also something she is passionate about.
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