7 Tips For Back-To-School Stress Relief

By Grace Bryce, MH, CNHP

August is here and school will soon start up again.  For some people, they are excited to get back into that routine and structure.  Others dread the thought of having to get up earlier and get into the groove again.  Either way, it can mean added stress.

Here are some tips to help relieve stress:

1.  Better Nutrition
Junk food will certainly drain energy.  Cut out the junk food, fast food and sugar.  Eat more fruits and vegetables.  Are you taking a good multi-vitamin?  Our food supply does not offer enough of the the nutrients our bodies need to be healthy.  Georgia’s Naturals carries good whole-food based multi-vitamins for adults and children.  Don’t forget the healthy snacks and lunch items, also available at Georgia’s.

2.  Exercise
If you have been the couch potato all summer, it is not too late to work on a simple exercise routine.  It may be too hot to walk unless you get up early, but there are other exercises that can be done indoors.  Find one that you are most likely to do and start small, don’t over do it.  Work with a personal trainer to target your goals and write an individual work out program for you that will work with your school schedule.

3.  Plan Ahead
Get organized.  Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen Covey is an excellent book for learning how to organize your time more efficiently.  Set your priorities.  Write down your goals, make lists.  Get organized for tomorrow, today.  The less you have to gather and do in the morning, the less you will be stressed. Make your lunch the night before and pick out what to wear.   Buy school supplies and new school clothes before school starts.  Set up a family calendar for school activities and family plans.  Set up any charts for chores and homework ahead of time.

4.  Down Time
Living in the present moment can help tremendously with stress.  People tend to be more stressed if they are dwelling on the past or worrying about the future.  Spending just 10 minutes a day in quiet time or meditation, just to stop and be still, will offer mental clarity and give yourself a break. Regular meditation improves emotional and physical responses to stress. Stress is cumulative and we need down time.  Breathing exercises are also useful.  Watch the sunset and  get some fresh air.

5.  Adjust Your Schedule
Gradually shift your schedule so that you are going to bed a littler earlier and getting up a little earlier.  When school starts, you will have an easier time of getting into the routine.  Getting more sleep will also help with stress.

6.  Get a Tune Up
Stress can deplete your immune system. Get your tune-ups to help relieve stress, with chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, detox foot bath and schedule a natural health consultation.  We can make referrals for all of the above.  I offer Aqua Chi Ionic foot baths as well as natural health consultations, which assess stressed areas of the body and bring them back into balance through targeted nutrition.  I also offer energy balancing sessions and Jin Shin Jyutsu, which relieve stress and restore balance.  Please check out my website for more information.  www.gracebrycemh.com  All sessions are tailored to individual needs.

7.  Get Psyched
Think about all of the positive things you have to look forward to with the new school year.  What are you excited about? A class on your schedule? A new sport? Seeing friends you’ve missed?  Focusing on the positive can help relieve stress.  Rescue Remedy is great for minor anxiety and Georgia’s carries it in pastilles, gum, drops, spray and cream.  I can also make a custom blend of flower essences for individuals who need a little more help with adjusting.  Read more about stress management here and here.

Have a great school year!




About Gracies Garden, LLC

Grace Bryce is a Clinical Herbalist and certified Transformational Breath® Facilitator. She is also a Jin Shin Jyutsu® practitioner, QRA Practitioner and Ordained Minister. Grace has been doing natural health consultations since 2008 and enjoys working with people. She formulates custom herbal products as requested and has a line of herbal products for sale. A number of services are offered to benefit the health of her clients through harmonizing energy. All products and services are available as a part of the sacred healing she practices. www.gracebrycemh.com Grace is an avid gardener and has a passion for herbs. She loves organically growing herbs and formulating salves, lotions and tinctures. Helping people feel better is also something she is passionate about.
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