Cold & Flu Tips, Prevention & Recovery

It’s that time of year again.  Cold and Flu season is here!  I have had many Clients send emails asking what they can do to be prepared.  I hope that you will find this letter helpful in aiding your prevention or recovery from this season’s cold or flu.

Daily Prevention:

2 tsp. Nature’s Answer Black Elderberry Extract

5,000 IU Vitamin D-3

2,000mg Vitamin C

SilverBiotics ASAP Gel:  This gel can be swabbed around the entrance of each nostril to kill germs you might inhale.  This is also good to carry with you to use as a hand sanitizer in public places, or if your job requires that you handle money, or you are in close contact with other individuals.

Practice good hygiene:  Washing your hands frequently is your number one defense.  Be sure to wash your hands before you eat.   I have noticed that some stores now provide handy wipes at the entrance.  I would suggest using these to wipe down shopping cart handles.   Carry your own pen with you!!! Do not use pens provided at checkout stands if at all avoidable.

Eat well:  The food you eat will have a direct impact on your immune system.  Limit use of fast foods, processed foods, and sugar.  These foods will lower your immune system.  Try to eat whole, fresh foods.

Sleep:  Getting at least 8 hours of sleep EVERY night is recommended.  Your body rebuilds, repairs and recharges when you are sleeping.  

You have the flu, what do you do?

4 – 6 tsp of Elderberry Extract daily

10,000 IU Vitamin D-3

4,000 – 6,000mg Vitamin C

4 tsp of SilverBiotics daily

(optional extras:  Pau D’Arco 2,000mg; Oreganol softgels 3 daily)

Nasal Congestion:

Keep a Netti-Pot on hand to help clear sinus passages of unwanted mucus.  You can also keep a naturally based nasal spray on hand to help relieve congestion and ward off possible bacterial infections.

Extra’s to make you feel good:

Oscillococcinum (can reduce the symptoms of flu for temporary relief)

Traditional Medicinals Teas: choose between “Seasonal Herb Tea Sampler”, “Ginger”, or “Herba Tussin”

Fuzzy slippers, a warm blanket, and a movie

Think ahead and have some soup on hand.  If you love being in the kitchen, make your own soup and freeze some.

I do not want to see anyone do harm to themselves by trying to self diagnose or treat a serious illness.  If you are in doubt to the severity of your symptoms or illness please contact your Doctor immediately.

Please take care of yourselves this cold and flu season!

Blessings and good health,

Darla Carrillo CN, CNHP

Darla Carrillo owns Georgia’s Naturals, Health Food & Vitamins, 3010 Williams Dr., Suite 105, Georgetown, TX.  She is a Certified Nutritionist and a Certified Natural Health Professional.  She offers a fabulous selection of supplements & gluten-free groceries.  She  does Nutritional Consultations and  Hair Analysis, by appointment.  Thanks for being a guest writer, Darla!

Happy Thanksgiving!  

May the herbs be with you.

Grace Bryce, MH, CNHP



About Gracies Garden, LLC

Grace Bryce is a Clinical Herbalist and certified Transformational Breath® Facilitator. She is also a Jin Shin Jyutsu® practitioner, QRA Practitioner and Ordained Minister. Grace has been doing natural health consultations since 2008 and enjoys working with people. She formulates custom herbal products as requested and has a line of herbal products for sale. A number of services are offered to benefit the health of her clients through harmonizing energy. All products and services are available as a part of the sacred healing she practices. Grace is an avid gardener and has a passion for herbs. She loves organically growing herbs and formulating salves, lotions and tinctures. Helping people feel better is also something she is passionate about.
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